E-book By the Whey - a project by Grupo Inovaleite
    Between May 16 and 18, 2018 in Juiz de Fora / MG, there was a technological symposium with the theme “By the whey: technology, nutrition and market”. On the occasion, topics of relevance for prospecting the use of whey as a raw material with high added value in the national scenario were discussed. In addition to the scientific and technological aspects involving the processing of this raw material, important topics on legislation and public policies on this topic were discussed. The event had about 250 registrants, of which approximately 70% corresponded to students and professionals in the academic area while the remaining 30% to professionals from the private sector. At this point, the purpose of this event is based on: creating an environment to foster discussions between the public and the private sector on topics of economic and scientific relevance in the national scenario of milk and dairy products.

    Since the event was held, the need for a national scientific publication on the topic “Whey chemistry and technology” became clear. In this sense, the efforts of the organizers of this work were to promote the construction of a text, which had not only an academic, but also an industrial direction.

It was 2 years of intense work by 19 authors in 8 different chapters!

We hope that this book will be a technical and scientific contribution to the food sector in Brazil, in the area of ​​whey chemistry and technology.

   Watch below the video of the book launch event, which was held on May 28, 2020.

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