After the realization of Innovacheese (innovations in cheese) and Innovamilk - think inside the box (innovations in UHT), we will close the schedule of Inovaleite's 2020 online events with Innovadryer. Another technological and industrial symposium held by Inovaleite Group in partnership with industries of the sector. The objective of our thematic symposia is to bring the industry closer to the academy, strengthening the true sense of technological research, which is bringing innovation to the market. Unlike other academic events, the Inovaleite symposia are focused on specific areas, providing the appropriate targeting of presentations for the true interested audience. Come and participate in the Innovadryer.
There will be 4 hours of free online lectures with major companies specializing in concentration and drying technology.
On November 5th (between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm), we will discuss the most current issues regarding the manufacture of powdered dairy products in Brazil and worldwide. Industrial experts from different links in the chain will present the newest technologies and innovations in the sector. The event is aimed at professionals and students involved in the world of concentrated and dehydrated products.

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Huummm ... was curious ..... wait a few more days and soon we will tell you! Go and have a coffee with milk to relax.

Let's innovate together?

In times of crisis that people realize the importance of the dairy industry in food.

Come and participate in the Innovadryer and discover all about new technologies in the area of concentration and drying of milk and dairy products!

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